Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Khajur-walnut Roll (Date-walnut Roll)

It is a well-known fact that dates have several health benefits, but besides that they say it is good to consume them especially in winters. This is an extremely simple recipe and probably takes only about 15 minutes to make. My husband and I love to snack on these any time of the day, we also carry these to work.

1. 4 cups of chopped pitted seedless dates (I usually buy these from BJ's -
2. Sweetened condensed milk
3. 1 cup walnuts
4. 1 tb sp Ghee (optional), and some more to make the rolls
5. Almond powder (optional)

Take the ghee in a heavy bottom non-stick pan. Add the almond powder if you have it on hand else you could skip it. Add the walnuts and roast them in the ghee for like a minute. Add the chopped dates. Pour condensed milk over the dates + walnuts just enough to cover them completely. Be careful not to pour excess condensed milk since it could make it too sweet and sticky. Then keep stirring until the dates soften a little, dissolve and become like a solid mass and until all ingredients have mixed well.

How to make the rolls
It is important to roll these while the above mixture is warm. Take some ghee on your palms. Take some of the above mixture and roll it into cylindrical shape. Repeat this for the rest of the the mixture. Put these cylindrical rolls into an airtight container and freeze them. After an hour or two, remove these from the freezer and cut them into rounds. Store these khajur rolls in an airtight container in the refrigerator.  

The condensed milk gives it a great taste, you can snack on these whenever you crave for something sweet! 


  1. The roll sounds delicious!after the anjeer halwa I had the dates in mind. These sound perfect esp. with the nuts.