Thursday, January 6, 2011


Frankie is a very popular fast food item in Mumbai. It is also an interesting way of presenting Roti-sabzi to kids. You could replace the aloo masala below with veggies if you like. This is a healthier version of frankie made with wheat chapatis or rotis. Hope you all like this recipe just like we do :)


1) Chapattis/Rotis
2) Aloo - 4
3) Onions - 1
4) Capsicum - 1
5) Cabbage (if you want)
6) grated ginger & garlic 
6) Garam masala
7) Frankie masala (if you don't have this, you could leave it out or substitute whatever masala you have, I put any masala on hand like dabeli, little pav bhaaji)
8) Vinegar - few drops
9) Salt
10) Salted butter
11) Grated cheese

For the sauce

1) Maggi hot and sweet
2) Fun food eggless sandwich spread or any other sandwich spread
3) Green sandwich chutney
4) Mustard sauce if you want (I skip this)
5) Tamarind-date chutney
(You could use any other sauce you prefer)

Cut onions, capsium, (if you want cabbage) into thin strips and soak them in a little vinegar (just a few drops enough to soak all). Add some salt, chilly powder, dabeli masala). Soak them, cover them and keep them in the refrigerator until you prepare remaining things.

Making the aloo masala

1) Boil the aloos and mash them. You could add some chopped onions and cabbage.
2) Add salt and all masalas - frankie/ dabeli/garam/pav bhaaji masala
3) Add grated ginger-garlic
(This masala need not be spicy because you will be adding sauces anyway)

For the sauce mix all ingredients listed under Sauce above. (I use little less eggless sandwich spread just because it has a strong taste). 

Make big chapattis and let them cool. (Tip: You could also use left-over chapattis)

To roll the frankie

Take a chapatti. Spread very little above prepared sauce on it or you could just spread maggi hot and sweet sauce. Then place some aloomasala lengthwise (cylindrical) in the centre of the roti. (Put appropriate quantity so it is easy to roll the frankie, dont put excess) Put some vinegar-soaked onion-capsicum-cabbage strips on this masala. Then put some above prepared sauce on this followed by grated cheese. Roll it into a frankie. Make sure the ends of the roti close properly when you roll it in a frankie (otherwise the masala will come out). Apply little or more (whatever your prefer) butter on both sides of this rolled frankie covering it almost end-to-end and place it on a tava. Shallow fry one side, then turn it and shallow fry the other side. Press it with a spatula so the masala doesn't come out and it is easier to eat. 

Enjoy your frankie!

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